Tattooers and studio owners, we understand.

We quit the normal world decades ago because we love working with all varieties of tattoo artists & businesses owners.

We facilitate inspiration & education, use business to maximize & fulfill artistic potential, & utilize computers to scale & amplify energies for apprentices, professional tattooers, & 8 figure studios

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1 on 1 Brainstorming

Decades of experience

Learn visitor/client interests

Deliver precise messgaes at right time

Regular Content Posting

Website, google, & social media

Inspiring tattooers since '93

By Guy Aitchison

Learn from the Best

Dozens of webinars On-Demand and LIVE

Small Group Art Retreat

Shawn Barber & Nick Baxter

Needlejig Artist Meetup

Oct 24 & 25

An internet channel you own

First site developed 1997

Preliminary consultations 24/7

Answer questions in your sleep!

Professional designer

From scratch, or update existing

Essentials for 1 artist

Designed to affordability

 More info

Full set of tools

For top tier tattooer

Essentials for small business

For studios getting started with us.

Best in class everything

Stand out miles above the rest.

Studios & businesses, looking to invest in tattooers who care:

Reinventing the Tattoo 5-Packs save $500 and your artists can join the Night Art Exercises & Critique with Guy Aitchison every Monday! 

Sponsorships available for Studios and Companies wishing to connect with artists.

All questions: - (413) 585-9134