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Fairy Princess Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Location: Baltimore , MD
Gojo Satoru Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Supergenius Tattoo Location: Seattle, WA
Amy Winehouse Portrait Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: 369 Ink Studio Seoul
Sleeve detail Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Cat Tattoo Location: Addison, TX
Jormungandr Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Steve Phipps Location: Columbia, SC
Surreal sleeve Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Haley Adams Tattoo Location: San Francisco, CA
Demon Watercolor Skull Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Tattoo Culture Location: Brooklyn, NY
Space Dogs Sleeve Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: 10KF Seoul
Realistic Tree Frog Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Inkadinkadoo Tattoo and Piercing Studio Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Galaxy CoverUp Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Tattoo Culture Location: Brooklyn, NY

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Lines of Influence - Gunnar and Guy talk Original Artists Influence on Tattooing


Christopher on Youtube recently commented when he discovered this video "A little late to watching this but a great interview. Gunnar was one of my very early influences when I started my apprenticeship. Thank you!" Always fun to be reminded of older videos, but, I gotta say I think this one is timeless and will be around a long time!

Some artists Gunnar and Guy talk about:

"Course of Empire #1 - The Savage State" by Thomas Cole
thomas cole - tattoo influence

"Course of Empire #1 - The Consummation of Empire" by Thomas Cole
Thomas Cole - Tattoo Influence

Hell City 2022 - Tattoo Convention Seminars May 20-22


Check out this year's Reinventing the Tattoo Hell City Schedule! It includes both free and professional development events from the likes of Nick Baxter, Thea Duskin, Jesse Smith, Dr. Jinxi, and more! 

Reinventing the Tattoo @ Hell City Tattoo Fest 2022

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Machines, Magnetism, & Mayhem with Tony Urbanek & Greg DiGiacinto

submitted on 05.18.22
The Machines, Magnetism, and Mayhem show offers interviews, insight, and open discussion about tattoo machines and the creative minds behind the fabrication.

The TattooNOW Show

submitted on 05.18.22
For tattooers, collectors, and the curious - TattooNOW has been producing and promoting world class custom tattoos for over 20 years. We webcast and upload full shows, interviews, music concerts, and webinars. Years of inspiration and honest interviews with Guy Aitchison, Alex and Allyson Grey, Jeff Gogue, Bob Tyrrell, Michele Wortman, Ivana, Alex De Pase, Markus Lenhard, Damon Conklin, Thea Duskin, Steve Peace, and many many more.

Ep #44 - Tuesday Feelings with Ricardo Sturdivant

submitted on 05.17.22

"I am looking forward to having everyone who wants to join to come in open minded and ready to hang out and go over and share some ways that I have learned to perceive shapes, value, light and shadow. We will also be going over some motivational aspects of life and art and where I see them merging in this moment we're in.“ -Ricardo Sturdivant

Bring any art you're working on for the day, whether it’s a tattoo appointment, prep for an upcoming tattoo or just doodling and having a good time. All skill levels and styles are welcome. If you are working on a project and want to jump in and show off, if you are struggling with a part of a designated want some honest feed back or an alternate perspective/opinion, or if you just wanna watch me draw some things and work on some art stop on by. This will be a judgment free, positive atmosphere for all artists to show off and meet some new people.