Tattoos of the Day

Pyramids Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Art Immortal Tattoo
Geometric Trumpet Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: 42.west
Freehand bio  Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Tattoos by George Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Tusken Raider Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Tattoos by George Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Wolf Tattoo Design Thumbnail

Wolf by Yoni

Studio Name: Cat Tattoo Location: Addison, TX
Cat Memorial Tattoo Design Thumbnail

Cat Memorial by Gabe Motta

Studio Name: Gabe Motta at
Goddess Hel Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Gabe Motta at
Silence of the Lambs Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Cat Tattoo Location: Addison, TX
Halloween Ghoul Sleeve Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Loose Screw Tattoo Location: Richmond, VA
Water Dragon Tattoo Design Thumbnail

Water Dragon by BIAGIO

Studio Name: Biagio Art LLC. Location: Wayne, NJ
Dog Portrait Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Studio Name: Gold Fang Gallery Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahome

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Kari Barba and the Heritage Tattoo Project


This month, we're talking with legendary tattoo artist, Kari Barba and learning all about what she has going on these days, was well as reliving some amazing stories from the past.

Han Ju Kim - Gody Tattoo - Brilliant Korean Tattooer


Talent Alert - @gody_tattoo (Han Ju Kim) is a brilliant tattooer from Korea. Be on the lookout for a featured interview with this worl class tattooer. GODY Art @369.inkstudio Seoul, Korea

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Sneek Peek - Darkside Tattoo NFT's

submitted on 01.27.22

If you’ve been living in the crypto world for a while, you’ve likely heard of the term “Non-Fungible Token”, or “NFT”. Maybe you’re a skeptic, a believer, or perhaps you still don’t really know what exactly a non-fungible token is.  Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique, digital items with blockchain-managed ownership. Examples include collectibles, game items, digital art, event tickets, domain names, and even ownership records for physical assets.  Darkside is creating our own line of NFTs, with quite a unique value to our customers ...


So how do they work? Where's the value? Why buy one? Think about it like this ... Owning one of Darkside's NFTs isn't just buying some trendy fad art, like alot of NFTs out there. Our NFTs have real-life value to our regular customers. Every time you get tattooed or pierced at our shop, while you own our NFT, you'll get 10% off! For people getting full-sleeves, back-pieces, or a collection of tattoos, that's quite a savings!


But there's more ... If and when the day comes that you've decided you're done getting tattooed, you get to re-sell your NFT to someone else! Whenever you decide you wanna sell it, Darkside will promote your NFT for sale, free of charge on our social media pages, and you get 90% of the proceeds when you sell it!


Check out our new NFTs on OpenSea!


For questions and pricing on NFTs, email us at

Thursday Fundamentals

submitted on 01.27.22
Thursday Fundamentals is a class led by our own Kire Franklin. Join us as she walks us through the fundamentals of art and the importance of always practicing the basics. Weather your a new artist trying to start your career or a seasoned veteran wanting to touch-up on the basics to improve your designs, all are welcomed to zoom in to our judgement-free zone.

Ep #71 - The Tattoo Collecting Podcast

submitted on 01.27.22
Join us each week as we blast off through the tattoo universe! We’ll talk about our own thoughts and inspiration, as tattoo collectors, as well as the journey of our guests. We’ll delve into everything from first tattoos, to full body suits, and everything in between. In this podcast, we will not be talking about how to tattoo, or any technical tricks of the trade. There are thousands of other platforms just for that. Here, we talk about tattoos from the collectors point of view. We’ll share advice for collectors, as well as our specific experiences from our own tattoo journeys. We want to prepare, and inspire other collectors.