I was born in the Bay Area in 1983. My dad was a sailor in the navy, then a pilot, which in turn took our family skipping around the country from coast to coast until I was 15, where we landed in Camarillo, CA. There I got heavy into graffiti, which turned into an obsession, and got me into some trouble. From there I decided to turn my art in a positive direction, ultimately taking me to school at The Art Institute of CA - Los Angeles. After I got my BS in Graphic Design, I decided sitting in front of a computer was not for me, and started tattooing in 2007. Tattooing is more than just an art, it's a lifestyle, and I feel privileged to be a part of this unique sub-culture. I now live in Camarillo, CA with my wife and daughter. My goal as an artist is to illustrate the meaning and feeling you want to portray in your tattoo while also making it look good on your body. I currently work by appointment only, at a privately located studio in Ventura County, CA.