I’m from Maryland, but tattooed in southern PA for 5 yrs. I started tattooing in 2016-17. I’ve always been artistic, and creative, and fascinated over the different types of styles that could be fathomable. When I was 7 I went into my first tattoo studio ever, and from that moment on I knew that this was a dream I would never stop chasing. I believe each client that receives artwork for I form a bond with each one in their own unique ways. I give a piece of myself to the individual to carry with them. I am well rounded in my styles, I will do anything requested of me. My styles I specialize in are Neotraditional, traditional and black and grey, and color realism but my abilities do not stop there! Each piece will be custom crafted with the customer in mind! For more examples of my work please check out my Instagram page by clicking HERE.