Hey there everyone! My name's Stefanee or for short, Stef and I come from the garden state, New Jersey. Finally deciding to uproot my life for some well needed change at the age of 26, I moved to Florida and happily found a spot here as a part of the family at FORBIDDEN IMAGES TATTOO! I'm a Tattoo Artist by day and a Video Gamer by night! I have always had a knack for the arts, ever since I was a very young child whether it be drawing, sculpting, painting; every medium seemed to come naturally to me. Yet, the art I truly found my PASSION in is the art of tattooing; everything takes practice to become great and this is where I decided to fully hone in my skills as an artist. Creating beautiful, clean pieces of art for your skin is what I love to do whether it's in color or black and gray. Modifying your body to express your inner self is a goal I've held very dear to myself as an artist since the beginning of my adventures into the world of tattoo art. Through my experience in life, I want every one of my clients to never feel repressed or held down, just let yourself be free and find who your truly are! <3 My favorite art styles to work with are the following: Japanese Anime, Comic Book/Illustrative/Cartoon Art, Neo Traditional, Black-Ink Tattoos and Script. When it comes to my work you can expect perfection simply because I wouldn't want to give you anything less than what you deserve which is the best.