Maybe try Silicone Tattoo Ointments?

Submitted 03.19.23

Maybe try Silicone Tattoo Ointments?

“Make the skin as soft as possible, and make the skin, across a number of clients, as consistent as possible”

-Shawn Bellina, S8 Chemist

Silicone ointments are much slicker and will help the needle glide through the skin more easily. They also tend not to stick to any kind of fibers and tote very high melting point which creates a durable barrier that wears down more slowly than say a sticky petroleum based or wax based ointment that clings to your paper towel.

Look on product labels for things like:

  • Cyclomethicone
  • Dimethicone

Pretty Much anything with -cone at the end of it in an ointment or tattoo cream.

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