Tattoo Convention Tips - Experienced Tattoo Artist Advice (Including Tattoo Convention Checklists)


Tattoo conventions are coming back! Would you like some tips, tricks, professional insights, and downloadable checklists to help you with your next shows? This is the video for you. Check out the wisdom of Needlejig artists Renee Little, Chris Mack, Hollie Marie, and Myke Chambers, And Marc Lescarbeau too!

Here is a Downloadable Checklist to help you get ready for your next tattoo convention. Print it out double-sided and fold for easy use!

00:00 Tattoo Conventions are coming back.
01:23 What are you looking to get out of a Tattoo Convention?
02:13 Renee Little on preparing for tattoo conventions with tips galore!
08:54 Chris Mack talks about the opportunities that tattoo conventions have opened up.
10:01 Hollie Marie discusses the importance of paying attention to convention attendees.
11:54 Myke Chambers lets us in on the secret to being busy at the tattoo conventions.
13:12 Why do we do tattoo conventions in the first place?
13:58 Marc talks about a ton of tips to make your convention experiences more impactful to you and others
14:55 What Marc thinks the number 1 reason tattooers don't get to tattoo clients at shows
16:28 One of the most productive things you can do at tattoo conventions - worth millions!
17:59 Buy a convention promoter a drink!


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