Tattoo Flash In Augmented Reality


The future is here! On Friday 20th and Sunday 22nd, check out Adrian Dominic's augmented reality seminar, showcasting his art and the metaverse space he's created. This will be happening at 6pm EST at the Hell City Reinventing the Tattoo Room on the 2nd floor.

Required: smart phones and headphones.  You wil be asked to download an app during the seminar

This will be an intro into augmented reality, metaverse experiences via an application on your phone. 
We'll be going over a brief summary of blockchain and NFTs, how they work, what they are and how I believe that can be applied to tattooing.

We will also be going on a tour of one of my art exhibitions inside of an augmented reality experience  Attendees will receive a Proof of Attendance NFT, 
so attendees are encouraged to have an ETH wallet address ready.

You'll be able to interact with me and get different examples of my work and my work flow as
well as a basic explanation on how I build the experiences and how to find more of them. 
This will be the first time that Adrian has conducted any sort of teaching material remotely. 
This is one not to be missed as he will be broadcasting from Australia.