The Silent Architect, Erik F. Portillo, prides himself in capturing beauty through ink, diving deep into the heart of a person’s experience to birth a tattoo masterpiece which immortalizes its’ sacred meaning while capturing loss, love, heartbreak, healing and life’s milestones frozen in time. As the oldest son of Salvadorian parents who endured the heartache of civil war and brought forth peace of mind by bringing their children to New Jersey, Erik grew up being fascinated by architecture and line structure. This interest lead him to drawing and envisioning what it might be like to see his design come to life on the body as his canvas. Erik chose to become a tattoo artist in order to express his passion for touching people’s lives by having the privilege to design a tattoo that would not only commemorate the persons sentiment but would also allow him to design one of a kind pieces that would immortalized the essence of his talented hands.