Hello, I'm Sung Shik Sin. I'm a tattooer from South Korea. Finding this career has been transformational in my life. In my childhood and adolescence, I found myself feeling discouraged by the fact that I wasn't as proficient in school or drawn to athletics the way many of my peers seemed to be. My biggest source of confidence was creativity such as drawing and painting. I became specifically interested in drawing directly on human skin and the way you had to execute the image differently than on a flat sheet of paper. Skin stretches and curves and it takes a different level of precision to get it right than to get the same result as on any other canvas. In my early twenties I started tattooing myself with my own designs and from there, I began seeking out techniques and guidance from within the tattoo industry. My style is whats known as neotraditional and I incorporate lots of bright colors into my pieces. I take a hands-on approach in life and have found that studying something is no replacement for experience. Mindset is the key to success so I'm always working on improving my perspective and drawing inspiration from the successes of people around me. My greatest joy in this work is through setting goals and then rising to them. I'm incredibly proud of the work I've put out thus far, still, I hope to continue improving for as long as I live.